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((OOC: Why I'm not on:

- HW
- Swim Practice
- Lazy
- Limited Computer Time



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мαяgαяιтα вℓαηкєηнєιм
United States
Hello there, everyone!! I am the one and only Princess of Sleep! Have you felt the weight of reality too? Please use this "gift of mine". It is a powerful medicine. Yes, I am the Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose. If you drink my 'gift' you will be happy forever. ;) I have been used back in the day like a decorative doll. Now, I am wandering around Toragay enjoying the peace and quiet also having freedom and wealth to myself -smiles evily- If you would like to join and be a character, here is the link

You are always welcome in here, in Toragay, so ask me any of your questions. I will do my very best abilities to answer them If you are an enemy, well, let's just say I will put you to sleep like the rest of Toragay ;) I will see you guys soon. :D


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My "sleepier" version....? :iconnarcolepticmargarita:

:iconwthplz: Unfaithful "husband" :iconcasparblankenheim:

((meet my admin :iconickyfire44:))

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*Embraces her from behind* Margarita~. *Kisses her*
Matt-Engard 5 days ago  New member
Hey Margarita,i was told that your gift was poison.Is this true or are they just pulling my leg?
Makoto-4-13 Apr 7, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Hello there miss. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to use some of your gifts on certain people. They need to sleep. Here is who I'll use it on :
My 10 cousins
My Dad
My class
My teachers
the highschool kids
My Brother in law
My 6 million enemies

I'd like to give them some happiness so they can stop bugging the whole world
Well, in that case of course. Yes, everyone does need sleep...

((OOC: I'm a high school student o.o ))
Makoto-4-13 Apr 8, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Thank you, you are a very generous lady.
((Don't worry, it's only the ones at my school that I'm talking about. If I was talking about all highschool students, I'd be doing it to my best friends and you too.))
PinkiePie1011 Mar 16, 2014  Student General Artist
What is your opinion on this?…
HEY!! HEY SLEEPY LADY!!! *kisses you on the lips* 8D TIS WAS A DARES!!
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